Spiritual Care: Mission & Scope of Practice

What Is Spiritual Care?

In Spiritual Care, we support people to clarify their values, seek meaning and purpose, and move toward full human flourishing. We honour diversity in all its forms, including the manifold expressions of what is spiritual or meaningful for people. Our approach is holistic, relational, and compassionate.

As part of the interdisciplinary team, we work to integrate spiritual aspects of care, as defined by the individual, into care of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

We offer support to patients, families, and staff of the hospital. Spiritual Care Providers are employees of the hospital (not a faith community), and serve people of any background, including people who are not religious.

Most importantly, Spiritual Care Provider (SCP) creates a safe environment for the patient to uncover their own inner resources for healing and growth.

Spiritual Care focuses on:

  • core values
  • significant relationships
  • emotional healing
  • meaning and purpose
  • coping with adversity and suffering
  • ethical decision making
  • life transitions and changes

From Our Scope of Practice:

“The Certified Spiritual Care Practicioner seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and groups experiencing spiritual, moral, and existential distress related to changes in health, maturation, ability, and life circumstances.” –Canadian Association for Spiritual Care




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