Spiritual Practices: Imagination

  • On a break in your work day, imagine a person who you love. Use whatever senses are available in your inner world: if you’re a visual person, picture them in detail. Or you could imagine hugging them, or smelling their shampoo, or the way you feel when they look at you. Use as many of your imagination-senses as you can. Notice how this makes you feel.swan2
  • Try doing the same exercise, using all the senses of your imagination; but use it to enter into your favourite text. Use a sacred text or a piece of fiction, or any story where you can imagine yourself as part of the action. Then get in there! Observe what you can. You can even try interacting with others in the scene and see what happens. Let yourself be surprised.
  • Imagine your favourite place, where you feel most comfortable and at home. Or invent an ideal peaceful place. Again, use all senses available to you in your inner world. At the end, take a mental snapshot and file it away for future reference.

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